Religious School and Hebrew School at Shir Tikvah
Shir Tikvah's Lifelong Learning Vision first takes shape in our Religious School on Sunday mornings.
From 9:30am to 11:30am, around 200 students ages pre-Kindergarten to 10th grade engage in classroom learning by grade with peers, a teacher, and Madrich/a (teacher's assistant). Each grade focuses on a number of topics in their year together, like introductions to Jewish culture and Shabbat for out tots, in-depth looks at Jewish lifecycle and history for our middle ages, and deep study of Jewish ethics and morality as high schoolers.

Shir Tikvah Hebrew School meets on Wednesday evenings from either 4:30pm to 6:30pm or 6pm to 8pm. Around 100 3rd through 7th grade students spend time in classes learning to decode the Aleph-Bet (Hebrew alphabet), pronounce, understand, and practice basic vocabulary words, recite and comprehend essential prayers and rituals, and anticipate reading and chanting from the Torah for their B'nei Mitzvah (and beyond!). Our greatest focus is exposing our students to the prayers that will drive their B'nei Mitzvah experience as well as prepare them to be knowledgeable, prayerful individuals who regularly participate in self- and communal worship for the rest of their lives in whichever ways are meaningful to them.

Please contact Forrest Yesnes, Youth Director, with questions about Religious or Hebrew School. or 612.822.1440
Opportunities for young people abound at Shir Tikvah, from the littlest tots to graduating high school seniors.
Newborns to pre-Kindergarten: Join us for Tot Shabbat, the first Saturday morning of every month, for an engaging and family-friendly, musical service with Rabbi Latz, Rabbi Rappaport, and Shana Eisenberg
Pre-Kindergarten: Sign up for the bi-monthly Mishpacha (family) class
Kindergarten to 10th grade: Sign up for weekly Religious School, Sundays 9:30am to 11:30am
3rd grade to 7th grade: Sign up for weekly Hebrew School, Wednesdays 4:30pm to 6:30pm or 6pm to 8pm
Post B'nei Mitzvah: Ready to come back and support your favorite past teachers and classes? Volunteer or get paid to mentor younger students and assist teachers as part of the Ozrim (8th to 12th) or Madrichim (11th and 12th) program
6th grade to 8th grade: JYG - Get a taste of youth group with monthly social and learning events hosted by the senior youth group, STiFTY
9th grade to 12th grade: STiFTY - Gather for both monthly local STiFTY events and quarterly regional/national NFTY events. Visit for more information 

1) Download the PDF above, fill it out, print, and mail/scan to Forrest at 5000 Girard Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419 or
2) Complete the registration online by clicking the link, saving it to your computer, filling out the information on all pages, saving again, and sending to Forrest at
Make your school payment here. Use Shir Tikvah's GiveMN page to make your school payment. Just note what it's for and we'll take it from there. Keep in mind there is scholarship available for any youth program - no family will be turned away from the quality Jewish education and community we offer here. Contact John Humleker, Executive Director, at or 612.822.1440

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